Prosevania enderleiniana (Hedicke, 1939)

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Type data
Type locality: Java [ Indonesia]
Type sex: male
Type repository: CUIC, USA, New York, Ithaca, Cornell University
Taxonomic history
Evania enderleiniana : Hedicke, 1939 (original description) holotype male, deposited at [unknown], labels: "Java", mx_id: 609
Evania enderleini: Bradley, J. C. 1908: 167-168 (junior homonym)
Evania (Evania) enderleiniana: Hedicke, H. 1939: 13 (genus transfer)
Prosevania enderleiniana: Deans, A. R. 2005: 81
Name: enderleiniana
Author, year: Hedicke, 1939
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Prosevania enderleiniana (Hedicke, 1939)
Original publication
Reference:Hedicke, H. 1939. Evaniidae. In: Hymenoptorum Catalogus. H. Hedicke (ed.) Pars 9. Dr. W. Junk. ‘s-Gravenhage. 50 pp. [in German]
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Page of first occurance:
originally described as Evania enderleini Bradley, 1908; name emendation proposed by Hedicke (1939) to remove homonymy with Evania enderleini Szépligeti, 1908
Original combination
Genus: Evania
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