New World evanioid wasps
J. J. Kieffer & W. H. Ashmead Entomological News scan Protoparevania lourothi (Lebanese amber) Evaniella sp. (Guatemala)


Evanioidea includes three families with disparate biologies: Evaniidae (ensign or hatchet wasps), Aulacidae, and Gasteruptiidae. Evaniids develop as solitary egg predators within the egg cases (oothecae) of cockroaches (Dyctioptera: Blattaria), aulacids are parasitoids of woodboring sawflies and beetles, and gasteruptiids are predator-inquilines within the nests of solitary bees and wasps. Despite numerous fascinating biological attributes these insects have largely been neglected by the entomological community - until recently. Many problems regarding evanioid classification (especially species-level taxonomy) remain unresolved, however, and it is our hope that this catalog of information stimulates an interest in pursuing species-level revision and other research (e.g., ootheca rearing, ecological studies, and biodiversity projects). The catalog is complete for Evaniidae and Aulacidae. Gasteruptiidae is currently being cataloged (to be added soon) and many "Evanioidea incertae sedis" fossils are still missing.

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Several online keys are being developed to assist in determining evanioid specimens. Check frequently for updates.

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