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Species of Alobevania
A multi-entry key to the described species of Alobevania, a neotropical genus of ensign wasp.

Evaniidae: A revision of Evaniscus (Hymenoptera, Evaniidae) using ontology-based semantic phenotype annotation (Mullisn et al 2012)

Evaniidae: Folding wings like a cockroach: a review of transverse wing folding ensign wasps (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae: Afrevania and Trissevania). (Mikó et al. 2014)

Available dichotomous keys


Ensign wasp species of America north of Mexico
This is largely a reproduction of Townes (1949), with a few modifications by A. R. Deans, insights from Smith (1998), and updated illustrations. Eleven species from the USA and Canada are keyed. (10 couplets)
Townes, H. K. 1949.

Key to New World ensign wasp genera (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae)
An English translation of the key published by Deans (2006). All genera found in the New World are keyed, and supplementary information (diagnosis, comments, etc.) is provided for each genus. (7 couplets)
Deans, A. R. 2006.

Key to species of Evaniscus for the New World
(5 couplets)
Mullins, P. L., R. Kawada, and A. R. Deans. 2012.

Species of Alobevania
This is a dichotomous key to the species of Alobevania, a genus found only in the New World tropics - from Costa Rica to Brazil. (2 couplets)
Deans, A. R., and R. Kawada. 2008.