Hyptia thoracica (Blanchard, 1840)

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Type data
Type locality: de la Caroline [ USA]
Type notes: type(s) lost?
Taxonomic history
Evania thoracica : Blanchard, 1840 (original description) [sex unknown], deposited at [unknown], labels: "de la Caroline", mx_id: 531
Evania thoracica: Blanchard. 1840: 299 (genus transfer)
Hyptiam thoracicum: Shuckard, W. E. 1841: 120-121 (incorrect emendation)
Evania dorsalis: Westwood, J. O. 1851: 214 (synonymy (unspecified); name to eliminate homonymy with thoracica Leach and thoracica Klug (neither of these taxa are in Evaniidae))
Hyptia brevicalcar sericea: Kieffer, J. J. 1904: 541 (synonymy (unspecified))
Hyptia mylacridomanes: Bradley, J. C. 1908: 153-154 (synonymy (unspecified))
Hyptia hyptiogastris: Bradley, J. C. 1908: 160-161 (synonymy (unspecified))
Hyptia texana: Bradley, J. C. 1908: 161 (synonymy (unspecified))
Hyptia thoracica: Bradley, J. C. 1908: 154-156
Hyptia brevicalcar sericea: Kieffer, J. J. 1910: 73 (synonymy (unspecified))
Hyptia mylacridomanesa: Bradley, J. C. 1928: 985 (misspelling)
Name: thoracica
Author, year: Blanchard, 1840
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Hyptia thoracica (Blanchard, 1840)
Original publication
Reference:Blanchard, É. 1840. Histoire naturelle des insectes: orthoptères, hyménoptères, lepidoptères et diptères. Histoire Naturelle des Animaux Articulés Annelides, Crustacés, Arachnides, Myriapodes et Inséctes, volume 3. Paris, France. 672 pp. [in French]
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Original combination
Genus: Evania
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