Evania schlettereri Kohl, 1892

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Type data
Type locality: Araxesthal (Leder leg.) [ Caucasus]
Type repository: ISNB, Belgium, Brussels, Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique
Taxonomic history
Evania schlettereri : Kohl, 1892 (original description) holotype [sex unknown], deposited at [unknown], labels: "Araxesthal (Leder leg.)", mx_id: 353
Name: schlettereri not valid 
Author, year: Kohl, 1892
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Evania schlettereri Kohl, 1892
Original publication
Reference:Kohl, F. F. 1892. Neue Hymenopterenformen. Annalen des k.k. Naturhistorischen Hofmuseums 7: 197-234 + plates XIII-XV. [in German]
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Original combination
Genus: Evania
Record details
Last updator: Matt Yoder
Creator: Andy Deans
Created on: over 18 years ago
Last updated: 5 months ago
diagnosed, by Andy Deans, almost 17 years ago
ref: Tirgari, S. 1975.

locality record, by Andy Deans, almost 17 years ago
notes: Iran: Rezaieh (north), Ahwaz (south), Esphahan, Yazd
ref: Tirgari, S. 1975.

host(s), by Andy Deans, almost 17 years ago
notes: Blatta orientalis
ref: Tirgari, S. 1975.

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