Cameron, P. 1887. Insecta Hymenoptera Families Tenthredinidae-Chrysididae. Pp. 422-432 in: Biologia Centrali-Americana (Contributions to the Knowledge of the Fauna and Flora of Mexico and Central-America). Godman, Salvin (eds.) . 473 pp.

Taxa (in this database) described in this work:

Evania albofacialis, Evania tinctipennis, Evaniella albispina, Evaniella ornaticornis, Evaniella rugifrons, Evaniella trochanterata, Evaniella varicornis, Evaniscus marginatus, Hyptia rugosa, Semaeomyia nitida, Evania albofacialis, Evania azteca, Evania marginata, Aulacinae