Aulacus schoenitzeri Turrisi, 2005

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Type data
Type locality: China, 1000-1300 m, Shaanxi, Quinling mts., Xunyangba (6 km E), 13.V-13.VI.1998, I.H. Marshal leg. [ China]
Type sex: female
Type repository: OLML, Austria, Linz, Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum
Taxonomic history
Aulacus schoenitzeri : Turrisi, 2005: 798 (original description)
Aulacus schoenitzeri: Turrisi, G. F. 2005: 798-799
Name: schoenitzeri
Author, year: Turrisi, 2005
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Aulacus schoenitzeri Turrisi, 2005
Original publication
Reference:Turrisi, G. F. 2005. Description of Aulacus schoenitzeri spec nov (Hymenoptera, Evanioidea, Aulacidae) from China. Linzer Biologische Beitr├Ąge 37:797-803.
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Original combination
Genus: Aulacus
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