Pristaulacus gibbator (Thunberg, 1822)

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Type data
Type locality: [ Sweden]
Type repository: UZIU, Sweden, Uppsala, Uppsala University
Taxonomic history
Ichneumon gibbator : Thunberg, 1822: 270 (original description)
Ichneumon gibbator: Thunberg, C. P. 1822: 270 (genus transfer)
Aulacus esenbecki: Dahlbom, G. 1837: 174, 176 (synonymy (unspecified))
Aulacus calcaratus: Kriechbaumer, J. 1878: 39, 41 (synonymy (unspecified))
Pristaulacus esenbecki: Kieffer, J. J. 1904: 461 (synonymy (unspecified))
Aulacostethus gibbator: Györfi, J. 1964: 50 (genus transfer)
Pristaulacus gibbator: Oehlke, J. 1983: 443
Name: gibbator
Author, year: Thunberg, 1822
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Pristaulacus gibbator (Thunberg, 1822)
Original publication
Reference:Thunberg, C. P. 1822. Ichneumonidea Insecta Hymenoptera, Illustrata a C P Thunberg. Mémoires de l’Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg 8:249-281.
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Original combination
Genus: Ichneumon
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Creator: Andy Deans
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head, by Andy Deans, over 14 years ago
notes: Fig. 11. dorsal view Fig. 31. lateral view
ref: Turrisi, G. F. 2007.

mesosoma, by Andy Deans, over 14 years ago
notes: Fig. 51. lateral, anterior mesosoma
ref: Turrisi, G. F. 2007.

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