Semaeomyia pygmaea (Fabricius, 1804)

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Type data
Type locality: Habitat in America meridionali Dom. Smidt. Mus. Dom. de Sehestedt [ South America]
Type sex: unknown
Type repository: ZMUC, Zoological Museum, Entomology Department, Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 København [=Copenhagen] Ø, Denmark
Taxonomic history
Evania pygmaea : Fabricius, 1804 (original description) holotype unknown, deposited at ZMUC, labels: "Habitat in America meridionali Dom. Smidt. Mus. Dom. de Sehestedt", mx_id: 718
Evania pygmaea: Fabricius, J. C. 1804: 180 (genus transfer)
Evania (Hyptia) pygmaea: Westwood, J. O. 1843: 245 (genus transfer)
Hyptia pygmaea: Kieffer, J. J. 1912: 31 (genus transfer)
Brachygaster pygmaeus: Wolcott, G. N. 1936: 514 (genus transfer)
Brachygaster (Semaeomyia) pygmaea: Hedicke, H. 1939: 38 (genus transfer)
Semaeomyia pygmaea: Deans, A. R. 2005: 100
Name: pygmaea
Author, year: Fabricius, 1804
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Semaeomyia pygmaea (Fabricius, 1804)
Original publication
Reference:Fabricius, J. C. 1804. Systema Piezatorum, Secundum Ordines, Genera, Species, Adiectis, Synonymus, Locis, Observationibus, Descriptionibus. Brunsvige, Apud Carolum Reichard. iii-xiv + 438 pp. + 1-30. [in Latin]
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Original combination
Genus: Evania
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