Original Description (verbatim from original publication)
[male] Head: Lower face with pale area medially. Torulus above midline of eye. Thin, short carina between toruli, ending in the middle of the frons. Eye 0.4 times head height. Epistomal declivity of clypeus divergent. Gena nitid, sometimes lighter brown. Malar space 0.4 times eye height. Clypeal process evenly round but appearing pinched 226268. Vertex obscurely punctuate. Scape and pedicel brown (lighter than flagellum). Flagellomeres 1–5 uniformly brown; flagellomeres 6–11 light brown to yellow ventrally. Mandible light brown, with reddish margins and 4 reddish teeth on anterior face of mandible (5 teeth total).

Mesosoma: Propleuron punctuate. Mesopleuron nitid medially (in concave area); Antero-dorsal corner of mesopleuron with rugulose patch. foveolate on ventral third; posterior edge with areolate trough. Mesoscutum and scutellum nitid to obscurely punctuate, evenly brown. Notaulus nearly linear to obscuring sinuous. Parapsidal furrow present as an obvious line. Tegula dark brown. Metapleuron rugulose dorsally, becoming areolate posteriorly (at the articulation with the propodeum); nitid anteriorly, with some punctures ventrally. Mesosternum mostly nitid. Metasternum densely rugose. Posterior face of propodeum (ventral to the articulation with the petiole) alveolate; dorsal surface of the propodeum rugose. Legs fade to lighter brown towards apices. Mid and hind tibiae sometimes with light brown patches on posterior surfaces. Hind leg faintly imbricate, with short setae.

Wings: Fore wing with 6 cells enclosed by tubular veins. 2Mb and 3M vein spectral. 3CU vein nebulous. Hind wing with three adjacent hamuli.

Metasoma: Gaster elliptical, much less than half the size of the mesosoma in lateral view. Petiole arched dorsally, setose, 5 times longer than medial width, as tall as wide, flaring posteriorly; lateral surface rugulose; dorsal and ventral surfaces faintly rugulose.

Female description: As for male except: eye strongly elliptical, flatter, smaller (0.6 times head height). Mesopleuron foveolate-punctate ventrally. Notaulus sinuate. Tegula light brown. Petiole 4 times longer than medial width. Gaster only slightly smaller than mesosoma in lateral view. Ovipositor short, concealed.