Alobevania longisaeta Kawada & Deans, 2008

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Type data
Type locality: BRAZIL, Parána, Morretes, Parque Estadual do Pau Oco, 25º 37' 37.2"S 48º 53' 53.7"W, 10-13.iv.2002, M[alaise] T[rap] T3, M. T. Tavares & equipe col[lector], voucher DERV095a [ Brazil]
Type sex: female
Type repository: UFES, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo - Biologia, Av. Marechal Campos, 1468, Maruípe, 29043-900, Vitória-ES, Brazil
Taxonomic history
Alobevania longisaeta : Kawada & Deans, 2008: 37 (original description)
longisaeta : Deans, A. R., and R. Kawada. 2008: 37-38
Name: longisaeta
Author, year: Kawada & Deans, 2008
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Alobevania longisaeta Kawada & Deans, 2008
Original publication
Reference:Deans, A. R., and R. Kawada. 2008. Alobevania, a new genus of neotropical ensign wasps (Hymenoptera: Evaniidae), with three new species: integrating taxonomy with the World Wide Web . Zootaxa 1787:28-44.
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