Pristaulacus kiefferi (Bradley, 1908)

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Type data
Type locality: Brazil [ Brazil]
Type sex: female
Type repository: CUIC, USA, New York, Ithaca, Cornell University
Taxonomic history
Interaulacus kiefferi : Bradley, 1908: 123 (original description) female, deposited at [unknown], labels: "Brazil", mx_id: 894
Name: kiefferi not valid 
Author, year: Bradley, 1908
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Pristaulacus kiefferi (Bradley, 1908)
Original publication
Reference:Bradley, J. C. 1908. The Evaniidae, ensign flies, an archaic family of Hymenoptera. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 34:101-194.
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Page of first occurance:
Original combination
Genus: Interaulacus
Record details
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Creator: Andy Deans
Created on: about 18 years ago
Last updated: 6 months ago
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