Prosevania mueggenburgi (Enderlein, 1901)

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Type data
Type locality: Nord-Kamerun, Johan Albrechtshöhe. 3.Juni 1896; 14.Juli-17.August 1896 L. Conradt Sammler [ Cameroon]
Type sex: male
Type repository: ZMPA, Poland, Warszawa [=Warsaw], Polish Academy of Science, Museum of the Institute of Zoology
Type notes: one syntype also at ZMHU (Berlin, Germany)
Taxonomic history
Evania mueggenburgi : Enderlein, 1901 (original description) syntype male, deposited at ZMPA, labels: "Nord-Kamerun, Johan Albrechtshöhe. 3.Juni 1896", mx_id: 638; syntype male, deposited at ZMHB, labels: "Nord-Kamerun 14.Juli-17.August 1896 L. Conradt Sammler", mx_id: 24413
Evania muggenburgi: Enderlein, G. 1901: 188-189 (genus transfer, invalid spelling)
Evania (Evania) muggenburgi: Hedicke, H. 1939: 11 (genus transfer)
Evania muggenburgi: Benoit, P. L. G. 1949: 277 (genus transfer, misspelling)
Prosevania mueggenburgi: Deans, A. R. 2005: 87
Name: mueggenburgi
Author, year: Enderlein, 1901
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Prosevania mueggenburgi (Enderlein, 1901)
Original publication
Reference:Enderlein, G. 1901. Neue Evaniiden, Stephaniden, Mutillen (Apterogyna), Proctotrupiden, und Chalcididen mit einer Bestimmung stabelle der africanischen Stephaniden. Archiv für Naturgeschichte 67:187-220.
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Original combination
Genus: Evania
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