Rhydinofoenus enodis Townes

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Type data
Type repository: AEIC, USA, Florida, Gainesville, American Entomological Institute
Taxonomic history
Rhydinofoenus enodis : Townes (original description)
Name: enodis
Author, year: Townes
ICZN Group: species
Current combination:Rhydinofoenus enodis Townes
Original publication
Reference:not provided
Page validated on:For reference only, there is no concept of page priority in the ICZN.
Page of first occurance:
Original combination
Genus: Rhydinofoenus
Record details
Last updator: Matt Yoder
Creator: Matt Yoder
Created on: almost 19 years ago
Last updated: 6 months ago
Existing Identifiers
Record has no attached identifiers.

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