Turrisi, G. F., and D. R. Smith. 2011. Systematic revision and phylogeny of the endemic southeastern Asian Pristaulacus comptipennis species group (Hymenoptera: Aulacidae). Zootaxa 2959:72.

Taxa (in this database) described in this work:

Pristaulacus asiaticus, Pristaulacus corellianus, Pristaulacus dilleri, Pristaulacus gusenleitneri, Pristaulacus jenningsi, Pristaulacus konishii, Pristaulacus lagrecai, Pristaulacus nobilei, Pristaulacus sharkeyi, Pristaulacus thailandensis, Pristaulacus vietnamensis, Pristaulacus vilhelmseni, Pristaulacus watanabei, Pristaulacus vivaldianus